I'm a DF patient currently in the 2ww and keep forgetting to ask this question.  Why track the progesterone and estrogen during the 2ww? What do the numbers tell you and what are you looking for?



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Good question!  We like to see the estrogen remain over 200 pg/mL following ET. Although there have not been any randomized controlled studies to look at whether supplementation really matters, most clinics do supplement with estrogen as needed. Supplementation with progesterone is absolutely key following an IVF egg collection as the progesterone producing cells get sucked out of the follicle along with the egg at egg collection. We monitor progesterone levels just to ensure that patients are actually taking their prog. We usually do not make adjustments as blood levels of prog do not reflect uterine levels if patients are using vaginal progesterone supplements...

Hope that makes sense...

Good luck


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