I know this can be a touchy area for those still struggling with getting the first pregnancy so I wanted to start a separate forum.  Anyone else in the same boat?

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Hi! I am so glad that you started this forum. We are currently suffering from secondary infertility. We are presently in the consultation stages with DF and anxiously waiting to get started. However, it is difficult to find any type of support because I was lucky and was able to have my daughter without any help and can't seem not to feel guilty for that either. Also, it is really frustrating / nerve wrecking that I have to start IVF ...
So glad that you started this forum as well, as I am in this same boat! We have completed one cycle of IUI and are now moving on to NC IVF. We are hopeful that this will be our month, but have had a hard time coming to grips with the fact that this is our path... we got pregnant with our daughter (who is now 2) on the second "try." Good luck to you all, and please keep us in your thoughts as well! :)
im in that boat....In 08 my husband and I with the assistance of metformin and clomid became pregnant with twins on 150mgs for 10 days. Twin boys born July 09 and thriving. Now we are trying again for another baby and have consulted a doctor in Richmond, VA. After trying first 150mg for 7 days and then 150mgs for 10 days (same dose as before) both tries no ovulation. The doctor gave up on me....only way to put it. Said should wait few months and maybe try again, maybe try shots. Said my twins were just a fluke and pure luck. I left his office very hurt and confused. I dont understand why neither worked. Took 7 months the first go around to find right dose and finally it worked, but now they cant get me to ovulate. I had heard before that each concurrent try with infertility after a pregnancy it gets easier..... ugh. I dont know what to do now

Hi ladies! I am similarly worse of the second time around. I was able to have a baby girl with the help of Dominion Fertility.  ---it happened very easily, actually.  I have PCOS and after failed Clomid attempts (with my OBGYN), I was able to conceive the first round with Dominion Fertility. We used Femara/monitoring/HCG shots.  I was really hoping to be able to conceive naturally, but my PCOS is way worse postpregnancy.  I have only had two periods in the last year and I feel like my hormones have been way worse...overly tired all of the time is my main complaint.  I am scheduling an appt with Dr. Payson to re-evaluate and see if there's anything i can do to regulate my periods.  My regular OBGYN just wants me to take medicine to start my periods, but I would like to start trying for a second.

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