I have PCOS - started clomid on 2/6/2012

Came in for CD12 scan - had a few follicles 10mm and 1 follicle 12mm

I have to come back tomorrow for another scan.

But I am really anxious and nervous.. Are these follicle size normal?

What Should I expect tomorrow? 

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The goal for ovulation induction is one dominant follicle to emerge, and it sounds like you are on track.  Sometimes it can take longer for patients with PCOS so hang in there, and good luck with tomorrow's scan.

Hello and welcome to Fertile Grounds.  These follicle sizes are most certainly normal early in a Clomid cycle.  It sounds like you just need some more time for us to see how your ovaries are responding to the medication, particularly if you don't ovulate on your own without Clomid.  When you are monitored tomorrow, the doctor will assess your ovaries again to see if the follicles have grown.  You will likely also have your blood drawn for us to see if your hormones are changing as a result of the Clomid.  Hang in there and good luck!

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