Does anyone have concerns they would like to address regarding egg donation? Post here to start a discussion with fellow patients.

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Is it possible to choose a known donor? I have a friend that has offered to help us who is 31 years old and has 3 healthy kids.
Hi Arlene,
It is possible to use a known donor, however our anonymous donors are under 30 years old, which the doctors feel increases the chances of successful pregnancy. Your friend would need to undergo the same rigorous screening process that we use for our anonymous donors.
I'm 41 years old and have been a patient at the Lister clinic in U.K for the last 2 years. We have tried 3 times for IVF with no luck. My doctor recommends donor egg and we are considering coming to the U.S. for a round. Do you have many overseas patients? We have family in the area of Ft. Belvoir in Virginia.
Hi Alicia,
We treat patients from all over the globe, and with careful planning and coordination it is possible to do a cycle with minimal time away from home. However, we require at least two separate visits to the our area, the first for initial consult and exam which will determine the tests and procedures needed for the cycle, and the second trip for the actual cycle. If you have an RE at Lister clinic then some of your early monitoring can be done at home and you would travel to us for retrieval and transfer. Please keep in mind that our physicians may find something on initial exam that needs to be treated prior to the cycle.
Agree with Robin 100%...which is good since she works for us...

Coordinating cycles with foreign visitors is not a big deal but requires some advance planning. This is a situation where a phone consultation may be appropriate as a first step before hopping across the pond. I had a couple from Australia and they dropped in expecting to get an embryo transfer that day! Clearly they were not really understanding the biology of reproduction. She was pushing 50 yo and had a bunch of issues that needed to be resolved first.

Good luck


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