I am a mother of 2 little ones. After regretfully having my tubes tied with  my 2nd child my partner and I would love nothing more than to add a little one to our family. Thankfully both of my pregnancies were easily achieved and had no problems during either of them. I'm nervous about the procedure not working even though I have no infertility issues. Most of the information I see is understandably related to couples with some kind of infertility issue so it is hard for me to get a good grasp on what my chances are. Has anyone else been in the same position as me with positive results? Thanks!

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Dear Jennifer,

         We have helped many couples in your situation conceive with IVF.

Dear Jennifer,

       Please email me at robin@dominionfertility.com

Hi, I am hoping to try N-IVF. Are you local to Dominion? I will be traveling from Texas so will have to coordinate my stay and also timing which sounds very challenging. But I have called or met with and asked all the REs in my area and no one is willing to try N-IVF. There is really only one other clinic in the US that specializes in N-IVF and the are LIFE IVF in California. So either way I'll be traveling.

I was introduced to the concept of N-IVF after reading about an ongoing study at RMANJ on the efficacy of N-IVF. They are no longer taking participants but if you follow the baby boards, several of the women got the "golden egg" with no medication whatsoever and went on to deliver healthy babies. Assuming you get to the point of having a fertilized egg, I think the actual implantation rate of N-IVF vs S-IVF is higher. 

Well best wished to you, and I hope your update if you decide to proceed with N-IVF.

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