I would like to share my story. I am 42 years old and two years ago when I was 40 I visited a fertility clinic because my husband and I were having trouble getting pregnant.  They did some tests and decided that my Falopian Tubes needed adjusting. I went into surgery and they ended up being removed due to fluid in the tubes.  The only way to get pregnant after this was through IVF. So we didn't have the money. We decided to save up and it took a couple of years, I am 42, leaving me right at the age cut off for IVF at the fertility clinic. The Dr was worried about my age and wanted us to do a donated egg.  A donated egg would give us a 60% chance. My husband was totally against us using a donated egg unless we at least tried with our own egg first. So we decided to try with my own eggs, all the odds against us, the dr was giving us a 10% chance. We have faith in God and know that God decides so we are going for it. Then after taking a week and a half of shots of Lupron, Fostille, and Menopur, several ultrasounds as well as blood work; my body only produced 3 follicles. So, the Dr. didn't like this number and said we would only have three eggs and then left us with a 5% chance.  The Dr. wanted us to stop the meds and wait until next month and start again. My husband and I went back and forth with each other and said why are we even questioning this, it is all up to God, what if there is a life in there? So against the Dr.'s advice we decided to continue with the egg retrieval. So I took my trigger shot that night. Thirty six hours after my trigger shot we went to egg retrieval.  Worried that there may be no eggs, there may be less eggs, or the eggs would be no good.  It turns out there were three eggs and two of the eggs were good. So my husband gave a sample and then the eggs went to the lab to be fertilized. Nice enough the lab keeps you informed each day and called and said the fertilization was successful and we had two fertilized eggs.  We couldn't have been happier. Then the next day the lab called and said both eggs turned into embryos at 4 cells and would be six to eight by tomorrow so come in the next day for transfer. So this is where we are at; our two week wait. Our transfer was on August 4th and today is the 8th.  I think my embryos should be starting to implant. It is all up to God and we pray it works. Our pregnancy test is August 18th.  Please Pray for us! I am writing this because I want all of you older women out there to trust in God and believe that it can happen for you no matter what the odds are against you. We may have twins if this all works out.

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Hoping that you had a positive result. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us all.

Unfortunately, I do not have good news.  I did become pregnant however, I miscarried.  My doctor recommended that I use an egg donor.  We don't have the money right now so we will try with a donor next year.  The doctor said she was surprised I made it this far and said that my eggs were just to old and the chromosomes were not there for the fetus to continue to grow. I think it is all up to God and maybe it just wasn't meant to be. I am hurt and I am depressed but everything happens for a reason. We wanted our own baby so we gave it our best shot.

Thanking for sharing your story and I'm sorry this time did not work out for you.  I'll be starting my first NC IVF at 45. I know the odds are stacked against me cause of age also. But I too am willing to go forward and give it a shot, like you said its in God's hands and you never know.  

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