We are trying to decide between NCIVF or regular IVF for our next step.  The only thing identified wrong with us is a low sperm count (12 million) which doesn't seem like a low number to me, but I'm not an expert.  We have done 3 IUI's without success, and our insurance doesn't cover either type of IVF so what should we do?

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Hello and welcome to Fertile Grounds.  Thank you for posting your question, it is one that we encounter frequently at our practice.  Deciding between Natural cycle IVF and stimulated IVF often depends upon a number of factors.  Insurance coverage (or the lack thereof) often plays a large role for many patients, as Natural Cycle IVF is about 1/3 to 1/4 the cost of stimulated IVF.  If you have regular menstrual cycles, then Natural Cycle IVF is certainly an option.  It is often an individual decision.  Your age and your "ovarian reserve", your willingness to undergo fertility injections, and your views regarding the creation of multiple embryos often guide couples towards one treatment over another. 

- Dr. Reh

Hello Anonymous,

Your story sounds like mine. However, I am currently 19weeks pregnant yesterday. I am having a girl. My husband not only had low sperm count but low everything. I did not have insurance to cover IVF. I went to another fertility clinic and spent about 20K and got a negative and horrible customer service. I was devastated. I went to see Dr. D. and we discuss NC-IVF. Lemme tell you, I got a positive. To this day I still cannot believe it. Dr. Reh is correct, it depends on a number of factors. I had a very regular menstrual cycle, but I was very, very, very overweight. After talking to Dr. D. for my initial consultation he gave me a book to read and after reading it, I thought NC-IVF was for me. I gave it a shot and it was the best money I ever spent (under 5K). Dr. Gordon and Dr. Reh are also awesome. See one of them and discuss your options. I hope you get pregnant and have a happy and healthy baby soon.

Congrats! So nice to hear you are doing well!

Another factor to consider is the age of the patient. Patients over 37 may want to consider stimulated IVF given the possibility of having extra embryos to freeze and use for baby #2 in a couple of years....As Dr Reh indicated you have to look at each case individually....there is no "One Size Fits All" ...at least not at Dominion!


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