I am really wanting to do Natural IVF because of the no meds or minimal meds.  My cycles were abnormal for a long time then they became normal again, recently they have went back to abnormal.  I noticed that you say you only recommend natural for people with normal cycles.  

My cycles are 04/29, 06/01, 07/03, 08/27, 10/16
My day 3 labs (Aug) are 
Estradiol - 17.4
LH - 5.4
FSH - 6.2
TEST - 35.70
DHEAS - 250.2
AMH - 2.2
TSH - 2.590, T4 - 6.7, TPO - 9

1 tube was removed 10 years ago, HSG shows remaining tube open but blunted and not functional. Im 33, I had 1 successful pregnancy 16 years ago. I had surgery for Endometriosis 4 years ago. Was previously diagnosed with pcos but recently learned that may have been a misdiagnosed. I am hypothyroid and currently take armour thyroid.

I havent chosen an RE for IVF yet. I just havent found anyone that I was excited about. In Arizona, if you bring up natural or mini ivf they think you are crazy.

With my history above do you think natural or mini ivf would be an option for me? 

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Hi Lynda

NCIVF is clearly best when the cycles are regular.  What is "regular" is up for debate.  We have had success with cycles as frequent as every 21 days and as long as 50 days.  But the more regular, the better.  Your AMH is strong and you are young, so I would suggest stimulated IVF as your best choice as your cycles are a often irregular.  With NCIVF, you may be waiting a long time until you develop a dominant follicle and you may become frustrated with the wait.

The word is getting out with NCIVF.  Don't worry, the docs in Arizona will eventually do it but perhaps not for a few more years.  There's no stopping progress.  The ASRM will now be segregating stimulated and NCIVF success rates as to date they have not and this has had a chilling effect on infertility practices around the country who wish to offer NCIVF to their patients but who are afraid of appearing as a less successful IVF center.  But if one looks at embryo transfer data, NCIVF has a similar success rate as stimulated IVF and in women 35 and older, NCIVF has a higher implantation rate!  So, hang in there.   Dr D

Thank you very much for your honest and quick response. 

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