NCIVF - How many tries until you were successful and/or moved to another option?

I wanted to check out there to see how many NCIVF treatments you all have done before you got a successful one and at which point did you make a decision to move to another option? And what was the other option?


For me we have tried 2 NCIVF treatments.

Cycle 1 (Jan 2010) - Made it to Embryo Transfer, 2ww blood test was negative

Cycle 2 (Feb 2010) - Made it to Egg Retrieval, but the second day call received it did not fertilize.


We are looking to do one, maybe 2 more NCIVF in March and April.


Also, if anyone did IUI, were there any drugs involved to assist? My sister had IUI many years ago and they had her take Clomid with birth control....




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Hi Anne-Marie,
We were lucky to have success on the first try with Natural cycle IVF..
First NCIVF cycle in June 2009 - embryos didn't grow.

Second NCIVF cycle in August 2009 - baby due soon!!!

We didn't try any other fertility methods before this.
Hey all! Wanted to give an update as this cycle we have decided to do IUI with Clomid. It appears the DH count and motility is improving. I wanted to take a break this month and give this a try. We will go back to NCIVF for our 3rd try in April if the IUI doesnt work.

I start the clomid tomorrow and take it for days 5 through 9.

Will update you at the end of the month!
Hi Anne Marie,I am so sorry to hear about your unsucessfull attempts but wish you the best of luck with your IUI! Did the doctor say what caused your DH's count to go up?

We are dealing with severe male factor with extremely low counts - under half a million. So far all my tests have been ok. I'm 31 and DH 34. We travelled from NC and have done 3 rounds of NC IVF at Dominion:

1st Aug '09 Great 8 cell embryo -Chemical pregnancy
2nd Sept '09 Embryo did not make it to blastocyst - stopped growing at 10 cells
3rd Feb '10 Great 8 cell embryo - Blood test negative

We are trying to decide what to do next.
We did 2 rounds of NCIVF before moving on to stimulated IVF at another clinic (got pregnant the first try with regular IVF and now have a beautiful baby girl as a result). I'm always amazed at any couple who has success with NCIVF because it just didn't work for us and I am so frustrated about that. During our 2 rounds of NCIVF, both times we had perfect cycles and "perfect" grade embryos that made it to the 5 day blastocyst stage but for some reason neither cycle worked. I'm young and healthy with mild male factor only and Dr. G had no idea what the problem was...I guess only that NCIVF has much lower success rates than regular IVF. We did one round of IVF at another clinic (Dominion does not accept our insurance so we had to switch clinics because we already wasted $8800+ at Dominion) A part of me is happy we tried NCIVF but the other half feels we just wasted our money and should have gone straight to IVF which has much higher success rates. Good luck to you...Hope the IUIs work! I recommend only IUI with injectables...clomid opens up a whole new set of problems from what I've read.

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