I'm currently 11dp7dt after a frozen blastocyst transfer, and I've been pretty shocked by the side effects of the progesterone & estrace.  The cramping, bloating, breast soreness, and emotional nosedive are overwhelming. 


What concerns me most is the cramping.   A number of times it was bad enough to wake me from a sound sleep.  I was told that was ok and normal as long as there is no bleeding.  I am doing the progesterone suppositories.  I can't help but wonder how or why an embryo would attach to a uterus with all that cramping.   Are the dreaded im progesterone shots less likely to cause cramping?


I'm fairly sure mine didn't take this round.  It's pretty cruel how the side effects of the hormones mimics pregnancy!   Really sets you up for heartbreak, esp for those women strong-willed enough to resist the urge to take hpt's during the 2ww. (I'm certainly not one of them.)

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Totally agree with you about the progesterone, I've taken the supps and had such bad PMS like symptoms that I knew it didn't work long before the blood test.  

Agree that the emotional ups and downs make the 2ww the worst part of the whole process for many of our patients. Hard to understand why progesterone would cause cramping as progesterone is actually a uterine relaxant but there are always exceptions to any rule I suppose...

Good luck


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