Texting has become its own language – LOL… It’s amazing how we have created so many shortcuts to communication. I was reading a fertility post and saw another whole new language – one that is only familiar to a special kind of person – a fertility patient. I found myself having to look up some of the meanings so I could comprehend what I was reading. Made me think of conversations that could take place between fertility patients…

You are charting your BBT using an OPK to hopefully have an IUI or simply have BMS to get that BFP when you have your first HCG while all the while praying that AF is a no show. This is all after you have been screened for PCOS, had an HSG and mock IUI and had countless AFC’s, E2, LH’s & P’s while TTC. If the IUI results in a BFN, there is talk of IVF followed by a FET to again attempt to reach the goal of BFP. Make sense? IDK….

Sometimes we talk in the sacred fertility language while discussing treatment options with our patients. Protocols can include IUI or a DI or perhaps an E2 Prime IVF with SET done during a NC FET that we do to avoid OHSS. We mention HCG, Pregnyl or Novarel – all the same thing – a trigger shot. We talk about suppositories, prog and prometrium – again all the same thing. And these things are surely not to be confused with E2, estrace, estradiol or EV – all estrogen…

So… the next time we say something that sounds completely foreign to you – ask what we mean! It’s not intentional on our part, we just get used to the ‘language of fertility’. It’s not unlike reading the fertility blogs! As always, we are here for you during this crazy journey. 



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