This may sound like I'm over thinking things or just neurotic, but I'm pretty sure I ovulated 24 hours after ovidrel.  The nurse told me it is 38-40 hours after shot, but I'm afraid the IUI was too late.

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I know this may sound bitchy but why do you think you know you ovulated?

You can't rely on OPK's if you took Ovidrel, and if you felt twinges near your ovaries that doesn't mean that was the exact time the egg was released.

The ovulatory process has a very fixed time schedule in humans. It start with what is termed an "LH surge" which is a sharp rise in the hormone LH which triggers the beginning of ovulation, it then takes 38-40 hours for ovulation to complete and the egg to be released. The Ovidrel injection mimics the LH surge so the egg should be released as described. You may get some symptoms of ovulation during that period, because ovulation is a process and is occurring during that period, but it does not mean the egg has been released yet!

The one situation in which you could release the egg "early" is if the ovulatory process had already started before the shot was given, in which case that 38-40 hour timer began before your injection. We try to be pretty careful by assessing with blood values and ultrasound to make sure that is not occurring, but in rare cases it may.

So. bottom line, you are probably fine, and just experienced some of the normal symptoms of ovulation, but this happened before the egg actually was set free!

Good luck,

Dr. Payson

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