We just got the most wonderful thank you card in the mail from a patient who delivered a healthy baby a few months ago. As is the case with many of our patients, this particular patient overcame some major obstacles on her journey to parenthood, but ultimately got her happy ending.

As the nurses, we LOVE to know how pregnancies turn out when you leave DF and go off to the OB for pregnancy care. We often have patients drop by the office to show off their pregnant belly and to just check in. We always stop what we are doing to talk to these ladies and get the details on how the pregnancy has been. Trust me – we remember who you are!! After delivery, many also return with their baby, and it is wonderful for all of the staff. We get to hold, cuddle and kiss these babies – and there is nothing sweeter in this world! Nothing can compare the feeling of happiness and pride the nurses have when we meet these tiny miracles. We were there for the insemination or embryo transfer, so we are truly involved from day 1! 

Of course, there will always be losses, and in that case, we will hold your hand and give you a shoulder to cry on. More importantly, we will be there to support and encourage you when you keep on trying, or face alternate options.  Know that no matter what the outcome of your pregnancy test is, we are here to support you in any way we can.

Sam Smith RN BSN

Dominion Fertility Nursing Coordinator


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We love to hear about your pregnancy and see your children's photos.

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