It is well known that exercise is good for us. There are stacks upon stacks of research articles that tell us how exercise can lower blood pressure, lower stress, improve sleep and provide an overall sense of well – being.  At Dominion Fertility, we promote moderate exercise as part of a holistic approach to fertility treatment. Of course this doesn't mean training for a marathon, but getting some form of moderate exercise every day and maintaining a normal BMI can increase your chance of becoming pregnant. Our practice supports this so much, that all employees are given a full gym membership at no charge!!!

Our nurses got together and decided we should practice what we preach… We are working out, getting strong and fully adopting a healthier lifestyle! We are always here to support you during your journey to start or expand your family!

We hope to see more of you – and that you are seeing less and less of us as we shrink our waist lines! 

Sam Smith R.N. B.S.N.

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