Of course all women are welcome...I'm just guaging to see if there are any 40+ yr. olds out there who are still hopeful about ttc.

Also if you've tried a NC-IVF.


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Hi Isabella,
I'm 43 and I have been trying to get pregnant since age 39, I was one of those unfortunate woman that didn't meet the right guy until I was almost 38. I had considered going the sperm donor route at 35, but it didn't feel right. Anyway, I'm considering coming to Dominion Fert for egg donation, the heartbreak from our last cycles is a bit too raw at the moment and we are trying to save money. I'm still hopeful, but realistic as well :(
I was a 40+ Dominion success story. It took us 3 IVFs. Our first IVF ended in a heart breaking loss due to trisomy 18, our second IVF was a BFN. But after adjusting my protocol, freezing all embryos and doing a FET (doing just as Dominion does best, individualizing my treatment!)...I am a happy mother of boy/girl twins.

My eggs were retrieved a day before my 42nd birthday (July 08), transferred in September 08 and now I am a 43 year old mother of boy/girl twins. We were VERY fortunate that I still responded well to stim medications at my AMA.

I very seriously was looking into DE as well...I would have gone NO WHERE else for my treatment...I have never been treated so well as I was, consistently, at Dominion Fertility.

Hi Ladies...

I'm going to try this again. ;o) I just typed up a couple of paragraphs & all of a sudden they disappeared. ;o) hmmmm...

As stated before: Thank you ladies so much for your replies. Glad to know I'm not alone on this 40+ ttc journey. ;o)

Arlene: I totally understand that "raw" area of pain/disappointment that you are talking about. I too am considering an appt. w/Dominion...seems the "dream" RE Facility for patient care. I too have been checking out the site, reading different blogs and am truly hopeful that this will be the right fit for me.

I am however still cautious due to my experiences with past RE Facilties with insensitive staff, including the RE's. I always wondered if these places provided any type of sensitivity training for their personnel, which unfortunately I have to say it didn't appear they did. ;o)

I don't think the understanding of AMA in regards to ttc is lost on any of us in this category, but my experience has been that often times these RE's seem to think so. ;o) I understand they must give you the facts/stats, but not all women are the same. I've met & know a number of women 40+ who've gotten preggers naturally. Unfortunately, I'm not one of them. ;o) Thus, finding my way to Dominion. ;o)
I'm not sure if it's my computer or the site, but after a certain amount of typing, I can no longer see the line I'm typing on. Is this anyone else's experience? It may be something the adminisitrator needs to be informed. If you can't see what you're typing...you no longer what to type. ;o)

Rebecca: My reply to you may have to be in two parts due to reason stated above. ;o) Thank you so very much for sharing your story...it truly gives me hope. I was at the point of giving up when I came across this site and after reading the doc's blogs, I told my dh...I think this might be the last place to check out. I was on the verge of throwing in the towel, but need to know that I have gone the distance as far as what I can to do to help myself in this ttc journey. So...I'm looking forward to experiencing what you have experienced with the staff, it can really enhance your experience when you are working with a great staff, including the RE. ;o) Congratulations on Mommyhood...I can only imagine the beauty of it all, but am hopeful to experience it real soon.
Hi Isabella!

At DF we clearly understand that infertility is a highly emotional area of medicine. As a most successful business man once said to me, "Mike, your job is so very important. What you do affects people's lives and what I do is only make money". I will never forget his words. So, at DF, we take personalized care most seriously. Also, this approach, in my opinion, results in higher pregnancy rates compared to everyone getting the same treatments using a "cookie cutter" approach.

We cannot, of course, guarantee a successful outcome but we give patients every reasonable effort to achieve a successful pregnancy. Whether you come to us at DF or go elsewhere, I wish you success in your efforts.

A little bit of my story...

It will be 4 yrs. for me ttc by Nov09., I have had 2 BFP's via IUI, but unfortunately they ended in mc's. Well, actually, the 1st one I think is known as a "Chemical Pregnancy"...late sac & late yolk. The 2nd...got a heartbeat @ 6wks, but at 8wks, the embie started detaching. Due to my age and the high level facility, no research was every done to find out a possible reason for loss, just chalked it up to age. ;o) I've had 2 IVF's w/o any success. The 1st one was very devasting for me, because 11 eggs were retrieved & according to the RE...they were "Perfect". All fertilized and we were looking to do a 3dt (due to age), but on day 3...of the 11...9 were still "perfect" and what I know now, but didn't quite understand then is the RE was doing process of elimination or "selecting the best" out of 9. So, although I was on my way to my appt. (1hr. in to a 2 hr. drive), RE ask me to wait...push to 2 more days, to reach blast. Looking back, I didn't feel right...I had this nagging feeling I should've gone to the appt. anyway...put back as many as agreed, but I thought...the RE knows best. Of the 9...4 reached Blast stage. The day of transfer...the RE (not my particular doc, which comes when using large facitlies) was going to transfer 3, but I asked about the 4th, which she was willing to do.
I think I started to panic & thought, if this cycle fails, I won't have any frosties, so I decided on the 3. All seem to go well until the actual transfer, when only 1 of the 3 went in...the tech had to go back to reload the 2...something inside said this isn't good. I told dh...this doesn't feel right. It was awful...I started thinking about everything that had gone on before, with the waiting...everything. Of course...BFN day of beta. I did another IVF after that...with IUI's in between, of which BFP w/heartbeat, but no success on 2nd IVF w/7 retrieved...5 fertilized...3dt w/4 embies.

One of my areas of concern is getting lost in larger facilities or more to the point, not being treated as valuable. You start out with one doc, but you don't know who your transfer doc might be. It's not as personal, because now you are dealing with an RE that you are meeting for the 1st time. I did have some nice experiences with some of the other RE's but they were not "my" doc. I'm hoping it will different w/Dominion in lieu of the fact that there are 2 very Personable RE's and what I hear tell, very nice, friendly & knowledgeable staff. ;o) I guess I'll let someone else on the boards to chat. ;o) Looking forward to meeting & being in touch with others.

Hi DrD...

"WOW"!!! Thank you so very much for the welcome...I truly appreciate your valuable time. ;o) It is so good to know that you know... "What you I do affects people's lives" (by the way...EXCELLENT title for your next book) ;o)

Also a very beautiful song to my ears... "we take personalized care most seriously." And I agree with you fully when you say.... "Also, this approach, in my opinion, results in higher pregnancy rates compared to everyone getting the same treatments using a "cookie cutter" approach."

I'm still getting use to the forum...I didn't realize you had posted until I posted my last post, then went back to review. ;o) Again, thank you much for the reply and I do look forward to meeting you, Dr. Gordon & your staff. Keep up the great work, we NEED more RE Facilities like DF.

Isabella~ As a former patient, I can say that I was amazed at how much of my care Dr. Gordon was actually involved in. I think I saw him for almost every monitoring session and he did all of my retrievals and transfers. I know this is not the case with every practice. Dr. D and Dr. Payson did some monitoring as well, when Dr. Gordon was out of town. But I knew Dr. D from the office and never felt as though I wasn't being treated as though Dr. Gordon wasn't 'involved' in the decision making.

And the nurses were so good with both my husband and I...I really felt confident of the consistency in my treatment and my care. And the daily follow-up calls...amazing and consistent.


Thank you so very much again for sharing your story...it is so HELPFUL & gives me confidence in my choice of DF. I hope & pray that I am a success so that I too can encourage others with DF. I'm so excited to get started...and soon. Hopefully you'll still be on forum once I've gone through my cycle & will read that I too have had succcess. ;o)

I'll be here...best wishes for a smooth and successful journey with family building!
I'm 39 and trying to have first baby, could natural cycle work for me?

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