Of course all women are welcome...I'm just guaging to see if there are any 40+ yr. olds out there who are still hopeful about ttc.

Also if you've tried a NC-IVF.


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Hi Isabella, I'm 39 and about to start my first attempt at IVF with Dr. D, but I'm turning 40 in November so this post caught my eye. I've had two miscarriages and have shortening cycles and short luteal phases, so I'm nervous about whether this will even work, but I'm also trying to stay hopeful. I'll be having the mock embryo transfer very soon and then will go for traditional IVF the cycle after that. I look forward to sharing more with all of you and wish you and everyone the best.
If Dr. D or Dr. G. recommends it, then definitely give it a try. I was 39, trying for my first, and had three IUIs (without fertility drugs) without sucess. Then I tried natural cycle and it worked the first time! Good luck.
It's nice to see I have company in the over 40 or near 40 and TTC :)
I'm 45 and have had 1 successful IVF pregnancy using my own eggs at the age of 42 with another fertility center in the area. Although we were constantly told that we should use donor eggs because of AMA we wanted to try with our own. The fertility center was not as personable as I would have liked. Gettting past the front desk to get quesions answered was not always easy and we had crazy issues with the billing department. I heard about the NC IVF at Dominion Fertility and am hoping that we go that route to conceive again. (I was told by the RE that I had ovaries of a 20yr old) . We have a consult soon with Dr. G. Wish us luck!!
I have a consult with Dr. Gordon next month for donor egg, I plan to ask about NCIVF as well, because you never know if you had success with IVF at 42 maybe I could get lucky at 43???
I'm 42 yr. old and was pregant in my tubes back when I was 17 or 18. All I could remember from that experience wss the nurse saying "it will be hard for you to get pregant, but fun trying". That statement was all good at that age but now that I am older and married it doesn't ring well in my ears.

It is very encouraging to read stories of other women to know I am not alone. I look forward to the adventure and change that will go on in my husband and I lives. Thanks for listening and being there for me, even though we have never meet.

Lots of Love
I did not meet and marry the right guy until I was 38. Dominion Fertility has been wonderful and the doctors give you a lot of TLC.
Hi everyone,
I am about to start my first mild ivf cycle. I am 42 and am another person who met the love of her life quite late. Five years ago in fact. We got pregnant naturally 4 years ago but lost our daughter at 20 weeks which was very difficult. I live in london and am under the care of preofessor Nargun who is a pioneer of mild ivf. I am on day 2 of Gonal F and am too aware of every hurdle we have to get over in order to achieve our dream. I am quite relaxed at the moment and wish I could be excited but the stories I read keep me of a sober mind. It is hard to know where to place one's feelings, I think. How have others coped with their expectations?
Good luck all! xxxx Ali

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