January 2009 Blog Posts (5)

Octuplets- Yikes! Dominion Fertility Responsibly Responds

Most of you have now heard about the recent octuplet birth that occurred in California. Even though this story has a positive spin, it should be viewed as a very serious complication of fertility treatment.

Fortunately, these babies seem to be healthy but this couple was very lucky and they got some very good doctors too. Premature delivery is associated with a greater risk for CP, birth defects, respiratory distress, sensory and motor defects, just to name a very few. And the bottom… Continue

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Natural Cycle IVF for "Poor Responders" - There is "IVF Hope"

What can be done for the IVF patient who poorly responds to her ovarian stimulating drugs and now is told to adopt or use ova donor IVF as her only options? And what can be done for the patient who is not a candidate for IVF because of her advanced reproductive age or because her day 3 FSH level is too high and abnormal?

Now comes a recent study in Reproductive Biology online (2008, vol 17, no 2, p 207-212) reporting a 20% pregnancy rate in patients treated with Natural Cycle IVF… Continue

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The Latest in Embryo Freezing - "Vitrification"

Does your infertility clinic use vitrification when freezing blastocyst embryos? They should.

Blastocyst embryos cryopreserved by vitrification and later transferred back into the uterus have the same pregnancy rates as freshly transferred embryos. In other words, using vitrification, the chances for pregnancy are now the same whether the embryos were freshly transferred or cryopreserved and later transferred in a frozen-thaw cycle. This is a major break threw in reproductive… Continue

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Super Stuff Going on at Dominion!

We just had a 36 year old patient who had failed IVF at another local major center become pregnant after only one treatment with Natural Cycle IVF. What's amazing is that her Day 3 FSH level was 20 (normal is< 10)! And the other center refused to do IVF again with her own eggs, instead recommending ova donor IVF as her only option.

Now, Natural Cycle IVF is clearly no "cure all" for one's infertility but it is so very different from conventional IVF because there are no ovarian… Continue

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Slow embryo development, but baby is on the way!

For 2009, here is the first exciting story that I would like to share. J.M. is a healthy 36 year old lady with primary infertility (previously never been pregnant) who came to me in June, 2008. Her HSG showed a right hydrosalpingx (a blocked tube full of embryo toxic fluid), that was clearly preventing her from conceiving. In July, a laparoscopy confirmed the hydrosalpingx and the tube was removed as it was irreparably damaged.

Because J.M. was 36 years old, she also had an age… Continue

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