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How to increase your IVF success with frozen embryos and PGS? Dominion Fertility only transfers frozen and not fresh embryos.

Hello everyone – Dr. DiMattina here.  For stimulated IVF, most of the premier IVF centers around the world now only transfer frozen thawed embryos (FET).  Here’s why.

Stimulated IVF continues to rapidly evolve and especially so in the last 4 years.   Traditionally, in a stimulated IVF cycle, embryos are produced and a fresh embryo transferred back into the uterus.  Any extra embryos are cryopreserved and stored for later embryo transfer if needed. Well that has all…


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Using Dr. Google

I actually had a full set of Encyclopedia Britannica’s when I was growing up. I was so excited when my mom purchased them from the door to door salesman. They sent a new one or two every month until the set was complete. It was awesome – if I wanted to know something, I would just go to the right letter of the alphabet, get…


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The Benefit of TEAM Nursing

Often times when I meet a new patient in our office, I am asked “Will you be my nurse?” My answer is to that is “Yes..”And so will Beth, Amy, Erin, Jana, Nichol, Stephanie, and Latoya! Some clinics use a primary nurse system, where essentially the patients are given one nurse who does everything for that patient. This type of system has its benefits, and its limitations. One the plus side, a patient can call the office and ask to speak with a specific…


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