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It's all about acronyms!

When it comes to fertility treatment, it’s all about acronyms. Here are a few explanations to help you understand what it all means and how the treatments vary. For more definitions, please see the glossary on

IUI – Intrauterine Insemination - This is often the first line of treatment in a fertility office. It is mostly used to treat infertility that is due to anti-sperm antibodies, mild low sperm count, abnormal sperm, poor cervical mucus and even unexplained… Continue

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What Happens if My Tubes Are Removed?

As fertility doctors, Dr. D and I are often in the position of recommending that a woman consider having her fallopian tubes removed. Although this seems a bit unusual it is important to understand what role the tubes play in reproduction and in having menstrual cycles. First of all, the only job performed by the tubes is that of incubator for the eggs and sperm. Pregnancy starts in the tube assuming that the tube captures the egg once it is released from the ovary and also assuming that the… Continue

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VERY positive feedback about Dominion!!


Sadly, I'm a *former* client of Dominion. I say sadly, b/c I was so very happy under the care of Dr. DiMattina. Happily, the reason is b/c I'm PREGNANT!

My situation is unique, but then again, so is everyones. Since January 2009, I've seen approximately 8 separate OBGYNs, 2 different fertility specialists and 2 unique endocrinologists. I also lost my job, had to change insurance plans, had a brain MRI, have had my blood tested more times than I could ever remember, and… Continue

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how many embryos to transfer?

I am 30 years old and wanted to know how many embryos I should transfer? This is my second IVF cycle. I got pregnant on the first cycle first with twins after a two embryo transfer. I miscarried both at 8 weeks and now am contemplating transferring one embryo instead of two. Can anyone shed light on this?

Added by LO on September 23, 2009 at 10:35am — 1 Comment

17 Weeks and Counting (success after finding out I am homozygous for the MTHFR mutation, C677T)!

It was hard enough losing one pregnancy at 10 weeks but when we had made it almost 13 weeks during the second pregnancy, and I went into labor, it was even harder. Although we were waiting for the autopsy results on the fetus, my OB suggested that I go see a fertility specialist to find out why I had had two miscarriages in a row and why I had had the second one so late. I went online and found Dr. DiMattina.

Dr. DiMattina suggested that I get a whole battery of tests done (lots of… Continue

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Helpful Hints About How to Get Pregnant

Before you make the commitment to begin treatment with a specialist, you might be wondering what you can do to positively impact your fertility. While some of our advice may seem like common sense, sometimes a simple problem requires a simple solution.

Overall health is the most important factor affecting fertility- for women AND men. If you want to know how to get pregnant, start with these guidelines.

Figure out when you are at your most fertile. The 6-day interval… Continue

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Practical Tips from the Nurses: Achieving a Perfectly Full Bladder for Embryo Transfer or IUI

As you go through treatment with your fertility center, you may find that you are instructed to have a full bladder for some of your appointments. At Dominion Fertility, it has been our experience that patients often don’t know how full the bladder actually needs to be. We don’t want our patients to be horribly uncomfortable, but we also don’t want the procedure to be put on hold while we wait for the bladder to fill. It may seem a bit confusing, so here are some tips on achieving the perfectly… Continue

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