November 2013 Blog Posts (5)

"Natural Cycle IVF When Stimulated IVF is Not an Option"

Hello Everyone!  Dr DiMattina here.

There are some patients who cannot undergo treatment using stimulated IVF for many medical reasons. For example, a recent patient of mine needed IVF but she had a history of blood clots and her doctors feared that ovarian stimulation would dangerously elevate her estrogen level, risking another blood clot.  With Natural Cycle IVF (NCIVF), estrogen levels remain in a normal "physiologic" range and there is no increased risk for blood clots.



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Happy Thanksgiving to our staff and to all of our patients and friends on Fertile Grounds!

Thanksgiving is a day for all of us to take pause and give thanks for all that we have. 

I am so very blessed by the outstanding and dedicated staff that works tirelessly everyday to see that we give the very best fertility care possible to our patients.  I cannot thank them enough for their excellent service and dedication.  What we do at Dominion Fertility does truly makes a difference in people's lives and I know that our staff always has our patients interests at heart.  That…


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Dominion Fertility's 2012 IVF Program Results: High Pregnancy Rates and a low 4% Twin Rate!

Hello Everyone

Now that all of our pregnancies have delivered, we have finished compiling our Stimulated IVF results for 2012 and I would like to share them with you.

In 2012, our live birth rate per embryo transfer was 45% with only a 4% twin rate for patients less than 35 years old, one of the lowest if not the lowest twin rate in the nation.  The reported national averages for IVF twins is over 20%.  For the previous 2 years our stimulated IVF twin rate was 8% with no…


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Natural Cycle vs Medicated Frozen Embryo Transfer: Which is Better?

Hello - Dr DiMattina here to discuss the differences of using a patient's natural menstrual cycle for a frozen embryo transfer as compared with a medicated cycle. I will also discuss how a 41 year old patient of mine benefited by using a single frozen embryo when her fresh embryo transfers failed.

Now, more than ever, patients are having their embryos cryopreserved and stored for later embryo transfer. There are many…


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Did you know? Dominion Fertility's IVF twin pregnancy rate is 8%, the lowest in the United States

Hello -  Dr D here.

We are proud to announce that Dominion Fertility's stimulated IVF program has the lowest twin rate in the U.S. at 8% for the past 3 years with no IVF triplets or higher order pregnancies for the past 4 years. The national average for IVF twins, as reported by SART, for patients less than 35 years old is 30-32% and 1-3% for triplets.  So, what is going on?

For one thing, many patients think that having twins is a great thing, "2 for 1, less expensive, get it…


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