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Pregnancy Using Natural Cycle Frozen-Thaw Embryo Transfer (NC-FET) When Nothing Else Worked

M.C. came to me on March 19, 2009 having never been pregnant. Today (June 2), she is referred back to her obstetrician for obstetrical care.

M.C. is a healthy, 36 year old Family Practice physician who works at a local military facility. She has been married for 7 years and the couple never used any contraception during their marriage. Their infertility was thought to be a mild male factor. She had three unsuccessful treatments using IUI. These were followed in 2005 and 2006 by 2… Continue

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Korean Lady Travels to Dominion Fertility for Her Ova Donor IVF Success

E. K. lives and works in Seoul, Korea. She is a healthy 40-year-old lady, married for 18 years and using no contraception for the past 17 years. In Seoul, she underwent 8 treatment cycles of gonadotropins and IUI, followed by 7 IVF cycles, but without any success. She then traveled to Los Angeles and again underwent another unsuccessful IVF cycle. Subsequently, she came to the Washington, D.C. area and had another IVF cycle at a major infertility center, but again no success.

E.K.… Continue

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Happy Patients Also Make for a Happy Doctor

Every time I see a positive pregnancy test result, I am reminded why I love doing what I do. The patient is happy, they have great things to say about the practice, and everyone is excited by the prospect of a new baby.

It is a little less common, however, to hear great things from a patient who hasn't yet gotten that good news and is still in the treatment stage. I suppose that is why an email I recently received really brightened my day. I would like to share it with… Continue

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"Hold those embryos!!!" - How We Avoid Hyperstimulation at Dominion Fertility

Everyone fears hyperstimulation - the doctors, patients, hospitals, insurance companies, you name it. Hyperstimulation is no fun for anyone. And we all know that it can even be life threatening. So, what can be done?

At Dominion Fertility, our incidence of severe hyperstimulation(HSS) is less than 1%. That's remarkable when you think about the national average rate for severe HSS is 1-5%. The trick is to "hold those embryos" and perform cryopreservation using "Vitrification" on all… Continue

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Natural Cycle IVF When the Other Treatments Have Failed - 2 Patient Stories

If you like to hear stories, well then, here are two amazing ones! Both of these patients failed to get pregnant until they tried Natural Cycle IVF (NC-IVF). Then both became pregnant in their first treatment of NC-IVF.

Patient #1. T.P. is a healthy 38-year-old, who had never been pregnant and who had been trying to conceive for over 2 years. Her day 3 FSH was slightly elevated at 10.8 and she had signs of diminished ovarian reserve. Her husband also had a male factor with a sperm… Continue

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More Hope for Poor Responder IVF Patients Using Natural Cycle IVF

If you did not respond to gonadotropin (hmg) stimulation for your IUI or IVF treatment cycle, then consider this:

A recent article published in Fertility and Sterility in 2008, ("Natural Cycle in vitro fertilization in poor responder patients: A survey of 500 consecutive cycles") showed a 17.1% pregnancy rate per embryo transfer when such patients where treated using Natural Cycle IVF(NC-IVF). Here is what I found to be so fascinating: all of the 500 study patients had been… Continue

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Her Words: "This is better than IUI." NC-IVF Pregnancy at Age 40

Those were patient F.R.'s parting words to me yesterday when I referred her back to her obstetrician. I had just performed her sonogram confirming the presence of a healthy 6-week pregnancy following her first treatment with Natural Cycle IVF.

F.R. was a healthy 38-year-old high school teacher, with no children, who first came to me in October 2006 with a 4 year history of infertility. Her infertility was related to both her age and diminished ovarian reserve. She became pregnant… Continue

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She Never Gave Up - Finally, Her Successful IVF Pregnancy With a Surrogate

This case took me to my knees. None of us ever gave up. I strongly believed that sooner or later, we would find a cure. Now, she and her husband will have their own biological child with the help of a surrogate.

S.R. is a wonderful, delightful, intelligent 28-year-old lady, who came to me in August 2004. She and her husband had been trying to conceive for one year and she had unexplained infertility (UI). In general, UI is best treated with IVF and ICSI. She first tried to conceive… Continue

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They told her it was a "sham". Now, she's pregnant!

That's what her infertility specialist told N.F. in Columbia, S.C. when she asked if she could try Natural Cycle IVF. She proved them to be wrong.

N.F. is a wonderful, intelligent 30 year old lady, who teaches at her local university. She has been trying unsuccessfully to have a baby for the past 3 years. Her husband has a severe male factor with only 2 million sperm/ml and only 1% normal sperm morphology. Thus, their only hope to have their own biological baby was to use IVF with… Continue

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Dominion Fertility Announces: "Another First That's Really a Second"

Dominion Fertility has great news today! A 32-year-old patient of mine who last year delivered a successful pregnancy conceived by our Natural Cycle IVF program is again pregnant using NCIVF. Her pregnancy represents the first successful sibling NCIVF pregnancy in the Washington, D.C. area.

Here's her story: When we met, M.M. was a 30-year-old female who had never been pregnant. She is married to a local anesthesiologist and they had been trying to conceive for about 2 years. Their… Continue

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IVF Hope - "Thinking Outside the Box"

"Albert Einstein's 1905 burst of creativity was astonishing. He had devised a revolutionary quantum theory of light, helped prove the existence of atoms, explained Brownian motion, upended the concept of space and time , and produced what would become science's best known equation e = mc2." Einstein, His Life and Universe by Walter Isaacson, 2007.

Without doubt Einstein thought "outside of the box". He was not afraid to challenge existing theories and try something new. And his… Continue

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Octuplets- Yikes! Dominion Fertility Responsibly Responds

Most of you have now heard about the recent octuplet birth that occurred in California. Even though this story has a positive spin, it should be viewed as a very serious complication of fertility treatment.

Fortunately, these babies seem to be healthy but this couple was very lucky and they got some very good doctors too. Premature delivery is associated with a greater risk for CP, birth defects, respiratory distress, sensory and motor defects, just to name a very few. And the bottom… Continue

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Natural Cycle IVF for "Poor Responders" - There is "IVF Hope"

What can be done for the IVF patient who poorly responds to her ovarian stimulating drugs and now is told to adopt or use ova donor IVF as her only options? And what can be done for the patient who is not a candidate for IVF because of her advanced reproductive age or because her day 3 FSH level is too high and abnormal?

Now comes a recent study in Reproductive Biology online (2008, vol 17, no 2, p 207-212) reporting a 20% pregnancy rate in patients treated with Natural Cycle IVF… Continue

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The Latest in Embryo Freezing - "Vitrification"

Does your infertility clinic use vitrification when freezing blastocyst embryos? They should.

Blastocyst embryos cryopreserved by vitrification and later transferred back into the uterus have the same pregnancy rates as freshly transferred embryos. In other words, using vitrification, the chances for pregnancy are now the same whether the embryos were freshly transferred or cryopreserved and later transferred in a frozen-thaw cycle. This is a major break threw in reproductive… Continue

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Super Stuff Going on at Dominion!

We just had a 36 year old patient who had failed IVF at another local major center become pregnant after only one treatment with Natural Cycle IVF. What's amazing is that her Day 3 FSH level was 20 (normal is< 10)! And the other center refused to do IVF again with her own eggs, instead recommending ova donor IVF as her only option.

Now, Natural Cycle IVF is clearly no "cure all" for one's infertility but it is so very different from conventional IVF because there are no ovarian… Continue

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Slow embryo development, but baby is on the way!

For 2009, here is the first exciting story that I would like to share. J.M. is a healthy 36 year old lady with primary infertility (previously never been pregnant) who came to me in June, 2008. Her HSG showed a right hydrosalpingx (a blocked tube full of embryo toxic fluid), that was clearly preventing her from conceiving. In July, a laparoscopy confirmed the hydrosalpingx and the tube was removed as it was irreparably damaged.

Because J.M. was 36 years old, she also had an age… Continue

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