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Make Snowmen from Snow and Healthy IVF babies from PGS (pre implantation genetic screening)

Dr. DiMattina here after shoveling snow all weekend long!  But good exercise!

Truly great things are happening in Reproductive Medicine and embryo biopsy with PGS is clearly one of them.  In 1984, when I…


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Oocyte Cryopreservation: An option to preserve fertility

I recently had the privilege of taking care of a wonderful young woman who was diagnosed with cancer and consulted me regarding egg freezing to preserve her fertility prior to chemotherapy. We were able to start an egg freezing cycle right away and obtained a good amount of eggs to preserve this young woman’s fertility.

Egg freezing, also known as oocyte cryopreservation, is becoming quite common and is not only indicated for patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation treatment for…


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Two of our very own Washingtonian Top Doctors

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46 year- old infertile patient delivers a healthy baby after her first treatment using Natural Cycle IVF with her own egg

Great news! 

It is with much pleasure that I announce Dominion Fertility’s second oldest patient (46 years old) to successfully conceive and deliver a healthy baby after a single treatment of Natural Cycle IVF (NCIVF) with her own egg.  Our oldest patient, was a 48 year old patient of mine who successfully delivered a healthy baby using her own egg and NCIVF.  She also conceived in her first embryo transfer.

Our most recent successful patient came to see me in…


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Dominion Fertility celebrates 28 years. Want to know how many babies we have produced?

August 18, 2015

Dominion Fertility proudly celebrates 28 years of successful infertility treatments with personalized care and innovative technologies

Since our beginning on July 28, 1987, Dominion Fertility has produced over 7,000 babies. This with only myself (Dr.…


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Dominion Fertility in Arlington, Virginia, reviews the new ERA test, also called “Personalized Embryo Transfer” for repetitive IVF failures. Is this you

Dominion Fertility in Arlington, Virginia, utilized the new ERA test, also called “Personalized Embryo Transfer” for repetitive IVF failures...and my first patient is now pregnant using this new and exciting test!

Is this you?

Hello everyone.  …


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Natural Cycle IVF with the best infertility care. Now she’s pregnant


Hello Everyone,

Everyone has a special story about them self.  And after her long journey, so does this patient and it’s definitely worth telling. 

Kate (not her real name) is a 38-year-old nurse, with no children, who lives and works in…


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Humans and Pandas and the Frustrations of Fertility

The ability of humans to reproduce is not that great. When you compare us to most species on the planet we are sub-fertile. Most animals mate once and then have a litter. Humans, on the other hand, even at their most fertile, average only one successful pregnancy in every three months of trying, a “fecundity” rate of…


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Presentation in China

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Dr. DiMattina Lectures in Changsha, China.

In July, 2015, Dr. DiMattina spoke at the “Workshop on the New Technology of IVF and Treatment of Infertility”, in Changsha, China.…


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Multiple Issues, but a Successful Pregnancy

An abnormal uterus, PCOS and a severe male factor: IVF and embryo biopsy (PGS) gave this couple their first pregnancy

With all of the refinements in Reproductive Medicine, it truly gives me much joy to be able to help couples achieve their dream. I would like to share with you my patient's story and show you how the recent advances in infertility treatment helped them achieve their dream.

This 30 year old…


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My Patient called Natural Cycle IVF “Awesome, a great experience”

In contrasting Natural Cycle IVF (NCIVF) to stimulated IVF, there is nothing better than hearing from a patient’s perspective. So, I thought I would share with you this patient’s story that involved both types of IVF.

In October, 2014, I first met this lovely 36 year old lady who had previously underwent unsuccessfully 3 cycles of clomid- IUI at another local fertility clinic in 2011. She was then treated using…


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"Newest Infertility Technologies"

The June issue of Washingtonian Magazine has a short article regarding the latest infertility treatments in which I was quoted. I related that egg freezing and particularly PGS have made significant improvements and can be most beneficial. 

As you can see from one of my previous posts here, PGS is an excellent method that we routinely use to insure optimal embryo quality. I highly recommend it to almost all of my…


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Statistics, the measuring stick of the Fertility business…

Have you ever visited the SART website and noticed the disclaimer you must acknowledge before you can view a clinics statistics? Basically, it states that you can’t use those stats to compare the quality of care and likelihood of success between clinics. On the surface that’s a bit like looking at the EPA fuel mileage ratings of two cars and being told that you shouldn’t use that information to decide which one would be cheaper to commute to work in. Even those of us in the field tend to…


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Bob Woodruff Foundation


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Genetic Testing

More than ever before we now have powerful tools to determine the genetic health of embryos before they are ever transferred into the uterus. Given all the additional work and cost (financial and emotional) of going through fertility therapy there should be at least some advantage, and this is it! Going through fertility therapies you can do more to protect the health of your child than has ever been available.

There are several different types of screening available. The first and…


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Going a little batty at Dominion Fertility.....


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Surviving the Holidays with Infertility

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…..you know the song, but the reality can be very different.  The holidays can be a very difficult time if you were hoping to have a baby or at least be pregnant this holiday season and it hasn’t happened for you.  Marketing geared towards families and children abound and can be hard to escape.  If you find yourself in this situation this holiday, here are some helpful hints to survive the holidays with infertility.


Take care of your…


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