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Dr. DiMattina, Dr. Gordon, & Dr. Reh's Resolutions for 2012

New Years Eve is such a special day.  For many people, it is a time to reflect upon and evaluate one’s life, as well as look forward to the New Year.  It is also a time to think about what went well with the past year and make resolutions to make the next year even better.  This is true for us at Dominion Fertility, so we would like to share some of our resolutions for 2012.


Dr. DiMattina ,Dr. Gordon & Dr. Reh’s Resolutions for…


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Dominion Fertility Celebrates the Season


Working at Dominion Fertility often feels like working with an extended family.  When Dr. DiMattina started Dominion Fertility in 1987, he always wanted it to be a place that offered cutting edge technology in a personal setting.  Some 25 years later, that is exactly what Dominion Fertility is.  We have staff that have worked here for over 20 years and employees that often leave to start a family and come back when their kids are entering school.  It is a place that…


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Natural Cycle IVF for PCOS Patients: Clomid Failed but Metformin with NCIVF Worked

Most patients who have PCOS do not have regular menstrual cycles and therefore they cannot be treated with Natural Cycle IVF (NCIVF) as it requires patients to have fairly regular menstrual cycles.  This is an example of an interesting patient of mine who had irregular menstrual cycles, which upon taking Metformin became regular, thus allowing her to be successfully treated with NCIVF.


 A.H. is a 34 year old female who came to see me for a consultation in June, 2010. …


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“Poor Ovarian Reserve in Young Infertile Patients May be Best Treated First Using Natural Cycle IVF”

So says Dr. Isaac Kudoch in the November, 2011 journal Fertility and Sterility.  Hello everyone.  Dr. D here to discuss this article and of course, add some personal experience performing Natural Cycle IVF (NCIVF) in young patients with poor ovarian reserve.


Let me illustrate how NCIVF helped C.M., a 32 year old lady with a 3 year history of primary infertility and poor ovarian reserve.  She came to see me for consultation in December, 2010.  In 2009, she underwent a…


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Surviving the Holidays with Infertility

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…..you know the song, but the reality can be very different.  The holidays can be a very difficult time if you were hoping to have a baby or at least be pregnant this holiday season and it hasn’t happened for you.  Marketing geared towards families and children abound and can be hard to escape.  If you find yourself in this situation this holiday, here are some helpful hints to survive the holidays with infertility.


Take care of…


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3 total visits to Dominion Fertility Results in New York Patient Pregnant in her first NCIVF Treatment: “Satellite” NCIVF

Many of my patients come from outside the Washington, DC area seeking treatment using Natural Cycle IVF (NCIVF).  Currently, I am taking care of 3 patients that live in San Francisco, one from Ghana and one from Germany, all desiring NCIVF.


Here is an example of a patient who lives in upstate New York who found us on the internet.  She had 3 total visits to our Arlington office and she is now pregnant following her first treatment using NCIVF.


S.S. is a 24…


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How do you become pregnant at 43 years old with poor ovarian reserve? Perhaps with NCIVF

Here’s another interesting patient profile to share with our members of Fertile Grounds regarding our Natural Cycle IVF (NCIVF) program. 


Please recall that about 2 months ago I reported in this forum the delivery of my 48 year old patient who achieved a successful pregnancy after her first Natural Cycle embryo transfer.  This lady had previously failed 4 stimulated IVF procedures at another clinic and was told to adopt or use an egg donor.  So, she decided to try NCIVF with…


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Successful 48-year-old patient delivers her own biological baby!

Hi everyone.  Dr D here with great news and an update.


A.N. was 47 years old when she came to see me last year at Dominion Fertility.  She had no children and had failed 4 stimulated IVF procedures in 2009 at another local infertility center.  Her day 3 FSH level was 20 mIU/ml and her AMH level <0.1 indicating poor ovarian reserve.  Her doctors advised her to use either ova donor IVF or adopt.

We performed Natural Cycle IVF and she achieved pregnancy with…


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Dominion Fertility is the Largest Natural cycle IVF (NCIVF) Center in the United States

And one of the largest in the world.  Hi everyone, DrD here updating you about our NCIVF program. 


Since 2007, we have performed over 1000 cycles and are now in our 5th year of performing NCIVF.  According to the last reported CDC data, we have performed more NCIVF than all of the other IVF centers in the United States combined.  Last week, I submitted for formal peer review and publication our data for the first 4 years (2007-10) of performing NCIVF at Dominion…


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I Can Handle Triplets

Yep, I said those words to my reproductive endocrinologist. Looked him straight in the eye and literally said, “I would have no problem having triplets, I can do it.” This was while we were trying to decide how many embryos to transfer. He said that two was his limit and I of course was trying to talk him into three. Well, this was 2001 and I was 28 years old. I am still impressed to this day that he didn’t kindly escort me to the door and tell me to never come back.

Well, we did… Continue

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Success Again! Second time Nat cycle IVF.

I just wanted to drop a quick note to talk about the wonderful experience we have had at Dominion through 2 natural cycle IVF treatments. My husband had sold medical equipment to almost every fertility center in the area, and chose Dominion based on the fact that they seemed the most professional and treated him the best, had a great lab and great people. We investigated natural cycle after reading about it, and after meeting with Dr. D. The first attempt we had success and now have a…


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Saturday Appointments Now Available at Dominion Fertility

For your convenience, Dr. Payson is now accepting new patient appointments on select Saturdays. Call (703)920-3890 to make an appointment.

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47 Years Old and Pregnant! (Using Her Own Egg with Natural Cycle IVF)

Great news and hope! 

Last July, I first met with A.N., a lovely 47 year old lady with a long history of infertility.  At another infertility clinic in Washington, D.C., she had failed 4 separate stimulated IVF treatments from 2007 through 2009. In fact, her fourth stimulated IVF treatment was cancelled because of a poor response to her ovarian stimulation drugs. 

Her evaluation with me here at Dominion Fertility revealed, not surprisingly, decreased ovarian reserve with a poor…


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Dr. DiMattina and Dr. Gordon Nominated as “Top Doctors”

Dominion Fertility’s Dr. Michael DiMattina and Dr. John David Gordon have been voted “Top Doctors” in the field of Reproductive Endocrinology in Northern Virginia magazine. For the past several years, our doctors have proudly received this recognition from Washingtonian magazine and are honored to be listed among their esteemed colleagues in this publication as well.

“Top Doctor” nominations are…


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Dominion Fertility Receives Accreditation from College of American Pathologists

Dominion Fertility in Arlington, Virginia has again been awarded accreditation by the Accreditation Committee of the College of American Pathologists (CAP), based on the results of our recent onsite inspection.

Laboratory Director, Michael DiMattina, M.D., and Laboratory Manager, Awie Botes were advised of this national recognition and congratulated for the excellence of the services being provided. The CAP Laboratory…


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