Dominion Fertility is the Largest Natural cycle IVF (NCIVF) Center in the United States

And one of the largest in the world.  Hi everyone, DrD here updating you about our NCIVF program. 


Since 2007, we have performed over 1000 cycles and are now in our 5th year of performing NCIVF.  According to the last reported CDC data, we have performed more NCIVF than all of the other IVF centers in the United States combined.  Last week, I submitted for formal peer review and publication our data for the first 4 years (2007-10) of performing NCIVF at Dominion Fertility on over 800 cycles in 421 patients.  We will probably complete over 400 cycles of NCIVF this year alone. 


From 2007 to 2010. the pregnancy rates for all patients < 43years old, regardless of their FSH or AMH levels were 32% per embryo transfer and 17% per oocyte retrieval and for patients < 30 years old, 49% and 25%, respectively.  Most pregnancies (84%) occurred within the first 2 embryo transfers.  That’s right, with only one or two embryo transfers,  the vast majority of pregnancies occurred.  In general, I recommend 1 to 4 NCIVF embryo transfers for most patients. 


We perform NCIVF on any patient who has regular menstrual cycles regardless of their day 3 FSH or AMH levels.  We don’t find lower pregnancy rates in patients with abnormal FSH or AMH levels compared to patients with normal levels.  As with all infertility treatments, the chances of pregnancy are age dependent.  This is in concert with other published studies regarding success rates in “poor prognosis” patients treated using NCIVF.  In a previous post by me, we currently have a 47 year old pregnant in her first embryo transfer using her own egg.  She is now 27 weeks pregnant and doing well.  Congrats to her!!!


Look for our paper describing our first four years experience performing NCIVF from 2007 to 2010, which we hope will be published later this year.  I will be traveling to China soon to lecture on NCIVF.  Can’t wait.  Stay tuned!  DrD

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Comment by KM on August 20, 2011 at 12:10am

Hi DrD!


My husband and I are very excited about NCIVF as an option to start our family! We have been married for almost seven years, and desperately want to have a child. My husband has Cystic Fibrosis, so the only way we can have a biological child is through IVF. However, I never really considered it as an option because I was uncomfortable with the amount of drugs I would have to take, the cost, and the fact that we may have to face the dilemma of having leftover embryos. NCIVF sounds like a great alternative for us! I was wondering... have you had patients with similar circumstances to ours? Have you ever used NCIVF with a couple where the husband had Cystic Fibrosis? Would you recommend this as an option for us? I am 28 years old, have regular menstrual cycles, have never used birth control, and have never been pregnant. However, I do have type 2 Diabetes. I was diagnosed last year, and my doctor says I have only had it for a couple of years. I manage it well, and my A1C is within the normal range. My husband is healthy besides the CF. He had a double lung transplant 2 years ago, and is doing VERY well! However, he has to take several medications every day, including immuno-suppressant medications so that his body does not reject his lungs. Is it possible that these medications could affect the quality of his sperm?


I would appreciate any feedback or help you could provide! :)


Thank you!


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