How do you become pregnant at 43 years old with poor ovarian reserve? Perhaps with NCIVF

Here’s another interesting patient profile to share with our members of Fertile Grounds regarding our Natural Cycle IVF (NCIVF) program. 


Please recall that about 2 months ago I reported in this forum the delivery of my 48 year old patient who achieved a successful pregnancy after her first Natural Cycle embryo transfer.  This lady had previously failed 4 stimulated IVF procedures at another clinic and was told to adopt or use an egg donor.  So, she decided to try NCIVF with us and mom and child continue to do well.


Well this current patient of mine is a 43 year old Moroccan female who presented to me in August 2010 with primary infertility.  She had decreased ovarian reserve with an AMH of 0.4 and a poor antral follicle count.  In February, 2011 she underwent her first treatment with NCIVF and unfortunately there was no egg in her follicle.  In her second try with NCIVF she had an embryo transfer with a single blastocyst but this did not result in pregnancy.  In April she decided to try again and she had another blastocyst embryo transfer but this time she achieved a successful pregnancy.  I called her this month to check in with her and see how she was doing and currently, she is 35 weeks pregnant and doing well.


So, with this patient, she achieved a successful pregnancy in her second embryo transfer using NCIVF without the use of any ovarian stimulation drugs and the high costs of the drugs (about 5K) and IVF (about another 10-12K).   Our NCIVF program costs are about 25% of the total costs of a stimulated IVF treatment.  Most importantly, it worked!  Our date shows a higher implantation rate for embryos produced through NCIVF compared with those produced through stimulated IVF in patients over 35 years old.  We are not sure why such embryos may be superior but patients with regular menses and poor ovarian reserve often produce high quality embryos with NCIVF.  Congrats to this lovely lady and we look forward to her delivery soon.  Dr. D



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